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Football crazy
Here we go here we go here we go...
I'll come clean straight away, I'm not a great football fan. Sorry.

I do have a claim to football fame though as my grandfather was Captain of Wimbledon football club back in the 1940s!

He tried to get me to play, but it just wasn't for me. He did take me to play golf at Felpham Golf Club, near Bognor Regis, and I did enjoy having a go at Snooker on a full-size table in the clubhouse. At that age, I could just about reach over the edge of the table with a cue!

It took me a while to pull this collage together which was inspired initially by the England rosette I found online. The beer mat was a great eBay find as well. You can’t tell a story about football without beer now can you!
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